Delicate Washing: wool and padded garments


to wash scarves, hats, gloves, sweaters, duvets in the best possible way..

Specific detergents for the treatment of delicate, natural fibers such as wool, cashmere or padded garments are a panacea for keeping the natural fiber and the elasticity of the fabric unaltered.

For this reason, the washing of these particular garments requires the use of products that do not damage the fiber during the machanical and aggressive action that detergents can cause.

Let’s fight felting and wool dots with a specific treatment capable of giving professional results!


Piumello is a delicate detergent for the specific treatment and washing of padded garments, duvets, quilts, synthetic wadding, quilts, anoraks and delicate garments such as wool, cashmere, silk and delicate cotton fabrics. The product is formulated with nourishing elements which help preserve the original softness of the wool and extend its life.

Ideal both for manual washing and for automatic dosing systems.

ADVIC ON USE: dose the product into the detergent dispenser and select a specific washing programme. For delicate garments in wool, silk, cashmere.. use low temperatures or even better cold temperatures to prevent it from losing its characteristic softness. Even the spin cycle must be very delicate but it should not be omitted beacouse it is important to remove excess water from these garments before proceeding with drying. For delicate garments we always recommend traditional drying, always dry woolen garments away from the sun and direct heat sources, in a dry room and on a flat surface, ot hanging, to prevent them from becomingdeformed.

DOSE OF USE: In the washing machine use aout 7 gr/lt of Piumello in waters with hardness lower than 15 °F. For medium-hard water, use dosages of 12 gr./litre. For very hard water (above 30°F) the dosages can reach 15 gr./lit.

Adjust the temperature to low values (30-40°C) or cold for particularly delicate items.

By hand: pour 4 to 15 gr./litre of PPiumello into cold or tepid water, and leave the garments to soak for approximately 30-60 minutes depending on the delicacy of the fabric to be treated. Rub gently only in case of stubborn stains. On delicate garments, never rub or distort the fabric.


ESSE 2 is an additive that protects and prevents felting of the wool. It is a regenerating treatmet with nourishing lanolin for fine wool,angora and cashmere. It prevents felting and restores the natural softness of the fibres, avoiding shrinkage of the fabrics.

ADVICE ON USE: ESSE2 Nofeltering can be used alone in the softner tray at the last rinse or in combination, added to our Piumello detergent, for a complete and regenerating treatment. Use the specific program with a low temperature. Iron inside out.

DOSES FOR USE: The dosage varies greatly according to the degree of need, typically between 0.5 and 5 gr. for each kg of laundry.

This information best expresses the state of our current knowledge but is intended as general information on the product and its application. Essebi cannot provide guarantees on the suitability of use of the product in processes whose conditions it cannot verify, as they are under the control of the user. It is therefore the user's responsibility to verify this suitability by carrying out preliminary tests. Any information contained in this Newsletter may be reviewed by Essebi following new developments and in any case does not constitute any legally relevant obligation towards it.