Dry Wash: how eliminate unpleasant odors from solvent and clothes


As in washing with water, dry cleaning also requires routine maintenance of the components in order to obtain optimal cleaning of the garments. In fact, lack of maintenance can lead to various kinds of problems including strong unpleasant odors on the garments and inside the machine. All the solvents in use are subject to greasy dirt and without the intervention of chemicals the greasy parts can be removed from the fabrics due to mechanical action, time, etc. but the good washing result depends on the good maintenance of the solvent , from the state of the filters in the washing circuit. The dirt removed from the garments must in fact be retained and separated from the solvent in order to avoid its re-depositing on the washed material. Difficult to carry out during intensive washing where the bath time is longer with the formation of static electricity which affects the surface of the dirt and the washed fabric. To obtain a lower electrostatic charge, it is always recommended to use a cationic additive with strong antistatic and softening power thanks to the cationic surfactants that bind to the fibers, improving their smoothness and distension, improving their ironing and reducing the transfer of down on the fabrics. However, it is not recommended in the case of synthetic fibers and technical fabrics such as padded jackets and sportswear due to the poor absorption capacity of these fibers and the possible formation of halos on the fabric.

Two versions: with or without deodorant action with parfum

The dry cleaning process assisted by the right strengthening and finishing products allows a higher quality of the washed material and a better hand to ironing and to the touch. Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of replacing elements of the machine and a technical intervention can help to understand the origin of bad smells. The problems at the origin can be different including the acidity of the perchlorine which causes a strong odor, perceptible also in the distillation sludge, can be solved following the measurement of the degree of acidity and corrected with our NEUTRAL powder product which is able to neutralize odors and absorb acidity and thus balance the PH in the still.


Neutralizing and absorbing acidity powder in the distiller for chlorinated and fluoroclorinated solvents. Packaging 4 – 10 kg bucket

It can derive from the accumulation of bacterial loads inside the machine for which it becomes necessary to empty and clean the water separator and subsequently provide for the cleaning and replacement of the air filters and bleaching cartridges at least every 6 months. A sanitizing and perfumed product to be introduced in the last bath is effective until the problem disappears.